[b]Join the Web Design Competition for Philippine Cyberfair 2010[/b]

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[b]Join the Web Design Competition for Philippine Cyberfair 2010[/b]

Post  master earl on Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:25 am

dear josephians/sir earl albina,

Hello everyone. I just like to give you folks a heads-up that we will be having the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2010 this year.

Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2010!
An annual advocacy of DigitalFilipino.com promoting the use of the Internet and related technologies for research, information dissemination, and development of relevant content at the local community level.

Preparing for the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2010
For now, let me just give a quick note that we are once again doing the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2010 project. We took a pause in 2009 to reflect on what we have done to date in this area.

However, thanks to all past participants who kept in touch, I realized that this is indeed an advocacy that DigitalFilipino must continue and sustain in the years to come.

So to all schools who have regularly participated in the past, it is time once again to start thinking about your entries.

As soon as I got the logo and theme, we will announce it here soon.

Join the Philippine Schools Cyberfair mailing list and be kept posted on announcements. Cheers!
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